The trusted diamond calculator and inventory manager for jewelry professionals, traders, investors and enthusiasts.

Simple. Accurate. Mobile.

With DiamPrice, your business is in the palm of your hand.

Calculate the price of diamonds based on Rapnet pricing. Store details about your jewelry collection for easy reference with clients or to share with colleagues in the field. Sync your data across devices so you're always up to date.

DiamPrice means diamond pricing and business details you can count on.


DiamPrice is loaded with features to make your business run smoothly
  • Diamond Pricing

    Calculate the prices of diamonds quickly and accurately.
  • Rapnet Integration

    Login to your Rapaport account for always up-to-date market pricing.
  • Metals Pricing (Coming Soon!)

    Calculate the price of gold, silver and platinum.
  • Jewelry Pricing (Coming Soon!)

    Calculate the cost of separate components to determine total pricing of jewelry.
  • Price Options

    Set discounts or mark-ups on your inventory.
  • Inventory Manager

    Easily store and share inventory details with your colleagues.
  • World Currencies

    Set and change currencies as needed.
  • Easy, Reliable Access

    Back up your data and sync your collection across your devices.

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